World of Warcraft

Yeah, I too am hooked.  I never thought I would be – I avoided it like crazy.  One of the guys I work with has been playing for quite some time and him (along with a few of his friends) convinced me to try it.  So, two weeks ago I went into a local EB Games store and picked up a 14-day trial DVD for $1.99.  The good thing is that the trial even includes the Mac version.  It plays beautifully on my MacBook Pro – in some parts of the game I get over 130 frames per second. 

No, this doesn’t mean that I quit Halo 2 – I just now play two games and realize even more that I have a very understanding fiancee.  🙂  If you are a WoW addict and are on the Lothar server, my character is Jiralhanae (from Halo 2, which in Korean means something like “stupid aggressive lunatic”).

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James Burke
Frisco, TX