Why Didn't I Think Of That?

When I got into work this morning, I checked my RSS aggregator to see what new posts were out there in blog/news land.  I found this article on Neowin.net called “Million Dollar Man (Almost At A Million)."   It’s about a student who sells advertising on a website.  Sounds pretty basic, huh?  Well, not this site.  Alex Tew sells advertising by the pixel…all on one page.  Here is an exerpt from the Neowin post:

Run by 21 year-old Alex Tew, a university student from the UK, the homepage offers viewers the chance to purchase a pixel for $1. The site’s relative novelty appears to be the main cause of its success – quantified at a staggering 25,000 hits per hour – and highlights yet another unique advertising / marketing mechanism found online. Alex told Reuters news agency that he’d not done much with the money, but had treated himself to a new car. ” I’ve only just passed my driving test so I’ve bought myself a little black mini".

View:  The Million Dollar Homepage – Own a piece of internet history!

James Burke
Frisco, TX