Vista build 5472

So, I decided to try to do an upgrade on my home PC to the new Vista build 5472 (preview). Previously, this machine was running Windows XP Professional. It’s been a while since I’ve taken a look at Vista…probably Beta 1. With 5472 being the post-Beta 2 build, much has improved. The upgrade process was very slow, but I am pretty impressed that everything seems to be functioning normally. I usually hate doing upgrades, and I really don’t have anything important on that machine, but I thought I’d try it anyway. A lot of things have improved greatly, but it still appears to be slow. The first day was unbearable – I know it was doing some indexing and defragmentation, but the hard drive was running like crazy. Anyway, I really wanted to see the new eye candy and the PC I have at home didn’t have the capability to do Windows Vista Aero. It has an internal video card…but, I soon fixed that problem. It was a good excuse to go get a decent video card, and I picked up a basic ATI Radeon X1300. Wow – I really like the 3D window animations. Needless to say, I’m very excited about Vista. I’m also very excited to see what Apple has in store for Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard (it’ll be demoed at the Worldwide Developers Conference on August 7). A co-worker was showing me Xgl on Linux too, which looks really slick too. I think that’s definitely the future of desktop computing. It has the potential to help with organization, and it’s definitely fun to play with.

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James Burke
Frisco, TX