I left for vacation on Tuesday, June 7 and returned on Sunday, June 12. That is part of the reason why I’ve neglected blogging, the other being that I have no internet access at the new house yet. That’s another story. Vacation was fun though…we flew into Amarillo, TX to visit my mom. I rarely see my mom, so I was pretty excited about the whole trip. I ended up staying with her in Pampa, TX until Thursday. On Thursday, we went to see my grandfather who has alzheimers. Very sad deal, but we make it a point to go visit when I go up there. My dad met us at the clinic and we left for the family reunion. The reunion was held about 3 hours from Pampa, near Fort Cobb, Oklahoma. It’s a small lake town. We ended up going out on my dad’s bass boat. I didn’t do any fishing, but my dad and brother did. My brother caught a pretty large fish, but I was helping him bring it out of the water and the line snapped. Oh well.

It was great seeing family from all over the U.S. again. We have people who come down from Minnesota, Florida, Missouri, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and sometimes California. The funny thing is, it’s not that large of a reunion. There were maybe 20 people there. It was a lot of fun. I miss the scenery…I don’t see much of that green stuff they call grass in Arizona. We left the reunion on Saturday morning, a bit early to go back to Amarillo to visit my other grandparents. I had a lot of fun, but the weather was bad. That night, Amarillo had FOUR tornados touch down. I don’t miss that. 🙂 We flew out on Sunday and got back in to Tucson roughly around 5:00pm. All in all, it was a nice break from the ordinary and I had a lot of fun.

James Burke
Frisco, TX