Vacation: Day 7

Today was the day of the rehearsal.  We went to the mall in Lubbock to pick up a few items, and then went to eat at Fuddrucker’s.  Richard wasn’t able to make it to the bachelor party last night, but he met us for lunch.  After that, we went to the Men’s Wearhouse to try on the tuxedos and then went back to the hotel to watch some Dave Chappelle.  The rehearsal went very smoothly – my dad had food catered there, and well, we had WAY more than enough.  It was Blackened Chicken and Brisket – the leftovers were donated to feed the homeless.

After the rehearsal, we all went bowling.  Not to brag or anything, but I was the high scorer for both games.  (Sorry, Clay – I had to do it)  My second game was a 179….not too bad for a noob.

James Burke
Frisco, TX