Traveling.  That’s how I would describe these two days.  We left Honolulu on December 29th at around 9:00pm HST, and arrived in Lubbock at around 11:00am (Central) on the 30th.  Another horrible experience – it took the Lubbock Airport a little over an hour to get our bags…anyway, we then spent an hour or so with Rebecca’s mom and sister, having lunch and then departed on our long drive back home.  We stopped in Dallas to have dinner with my Dad and his brother.  We then left at around 8:30 to see how far we could make it.  We ended up stopping in Shreveport, LA after about a 520 mile drive from Lubbock. 

The next morning (New Year’s Eve), we woke up at 8:00am (Central) and headed to Raleigh.  I drove until we hit Vicksburg, Mississippi.  Then, Rebecca took over and drove until Birmingham, Alabama.  Determined to make it to Raleigh as close to midnight as possible, I then took over and continued driving until we hit Raleigh at around 12:45am (Eastern).  That drive covered 1000 miles and took us about 16 hours. 

It was definitely nice to be home.  We had Daisy (our dog) with us, and she was happy to be home too.