Vacation: Day 1

As you may know, Rebecca and I are getting married in Lubbock, TX on December 23rd. Today, we began our trip to Texas to visit with family up until the big day. We decided to drive from North Carolina since we have a ton of stuff to bring, and thought it would be a nice trip. For day one, we made it to Monroe, Louisiana. Here’s a recap of the trip statistics for Day 1:

897.3 miles traveled
66.5 miles per hour (mph) overall average
70.6 miles per hour (mph) moving average
94.7 miles per hour (mph) maximum speed
13 hours, 29 minutes total time
12 hours, 42 minutes moving time
46 minutes stopped time

During the trip, we discovered five new states we’ve never been to: South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and now Louisiana. All in all, the trip hasn’t been that bad so far – I expected to be dead tired by now…

The plan is to drive another 351.6 miles tomorrow to make it to my Dad’s house for the night.

James Burke
Frisco, TX