Tucson Heat

“At least it’s a dry heat.” That’s what most say (who don’t live here) about Arizona. Well, the fact of the matter is…it’s scorching. That’s like saying that sitting on the face of the sun is nice, because it’s not humid. Or, it’s like saying, “Hey burn me with that iron, I kinda like it.” I’m sorry, but it’s not natural for a place to stay over 100 degrees fahrenheit for 39+ consecutive days:

Tucson cooled to 98 degrees on Monday, ending the city’s record 39-day string of temperatures reaching 100 degrees or higher. Denver, which reached a record-breaking 105 degrees on July 20, was down to 65 degrees yesterday. Las Vegas, which tied its 117-degree record temperature on July 19, was back to its normal mid-summer range of 100-to-105-degree highs. And 90-degree temperatures in Kansas gave way to the high sixties and low seventies.
– Washington Post – Reprieve From Heat Marches Eastward

See, I’ve lived in Texas, and I’ve lived in Oklahoma. At least it cools down there at night time. At least the wind blows cool air. At least the cement there doesn’t seem noticeably hot from the face level. Maybe I’m not making a whole lot of sense to anyone who hasn’t spent an entire summer in Southern Arizona. But, here…it can be two o’clock AM in the summer, and still be in the low-90’s. Maybe there isn’t humidity all the time, but we do get humid during our monsoons, and we pretty much just get HEAT.

James Burke
Frisco, TX