Three Month Anniversary

This is a little late, but January 3rd was my three month anniversary with Network Appliance. I must say, it’s went by fast and I’ve enjoyed every minute here. NetApp has such a fast-paced work environment, that I’ve been busy working on something constantly since day one (That’s a good thing). But, as I begin to learn more about our products, I understand why we have been and are continuing to be so successful. Our storage is SIMPLE, and that’s our motto “Simplifying Data Management.” Our other one is “Fast, Simple, Reliable.” And that’s exactly what I have seen over the past few months. NetApp really strives to make these things as easy to operate as a toaster. That was the vision of one of the founders, Dave Hitz. That’s also why we’re named Network Appliance, their vision was to make an appliance. You plug it in, and run with it. I must say, that’s exactly what I’ve seen. The idea is that no matter what storage appliance you buy…if someone is trained on one, they can work on all of them without any further training. Now, we do release new versions of Data ONTAP that include more features, but the core features will always remain the same across all of our product lines. For instance, creating a LUN would still be ‘lun create -s -t /vol/volx/xxx’ and removing a lun would still be ‘lun destroy /vol/volx/xxx’. And, of course if you ever get stuck, typing the command alone gets you help (ie ‘lun create’, ‘lun destroy’, or simply just ‘lun’). All of the commands are that way! Anyway, the moral of the story is, in the words of Steve Ballmer, ‘I love this company!’ …everyone works hard to ensure the highest quality product with the most simplicity. As an employee, they have treated me extremely well, and I look forward to my future with NetApp.

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James Burke
Frisco, TX