The List

As promised, here is the list of things that needed to be fixed prior to closing. I know, I know…I shouldn’t have signed the papers without these items being fixed, but, hey….it’s my first house, and I wanted to move in during the Memorial Day weekend.


  • [X] Change the elevation rock from color scheme #2 to color scheme #8.
  • [X] Replace the screen on the back sliding glass door
  • [X] Fix the large hole in the foundation concrete in back yard
  • [X] Remove the brick off of the roof of the house
  • [_] Paint the pop-outs around the windows in the back yard and right side of the house to match the other pop-outs.
  • [_] Paint the light-green eaves to match the house.
  • [_] Paint the patched area on the bottom corners of the garage door.
  • [_] Replace the dead tree in the front yard.
  • [_] Fix the places in the pop-outs that are missing stucco on the front of the house. (Noticed after the elevation rock change)
  • [_] Fix the chip on the bottom left of the window shutter on the front of the house. (Noticed after the elevation rock change)

  • [X] Mount the dishwasher.
  • [X] Remove the screws in the walls/Corian countertops. Caulk and fix scratches as necessary.
  • [X] Add a ‘register’ over the vent in the guest bathroom.
  • [X] Patch the hole in the drywall above where water leak was in kitchen. Needs painted
  • [X] Fix the water leak in the kichen found when removing the screws in kichen (#2).
  • [X] Replace the baseboard near the closet in the guest bedroom. Appears to be gouged.
  • [_] Fix small seam separation in the vinyl flooring in the kitchen area.
  • [X] Straighten the thermostat.
  • [X] Fix the kitchen and master bedroom phone jacks; only get dial tone in den.
James Burke
Frisco, TX