The Hobbsans

Quick catch up for you all. I went to Hobbs High School in a small town in New Mexico. Yes, I was a member of the band, etc. Well, when I got to college, I began hanging out with Andrew, Daryl, Allison, Kara, and Rebecca who were all from Hobbs. I used to hang out with Andrew, Daryl, and Kara but I never really hung out with Allison, and didn’t even know Rebecca. 🙂 Well, like I said, in college, we all hung out all the time…and they all became my best friends. People gave us hell because we stuck together…as “The Hobbsans.” As Andrew says in his blog, “James, Rebecca, Allison and I had a killer year our first year of college at NMSU (Killer = great). People probably thought I was a slut because I rarely slepped in my dorm room…I was on the floor next to James (not too close) with a towel for a pillow in Rebecca and Allison’s dorm room in Garcia. We hung out 90% of the time our freshman year.” We had a killer time, indeed. Good times… Anyway, on Tuesday, we met Andrew in Rocky Mount, NC for dinner. After college, Andrew moved to Washington, D.C. and his parents moved from Hobbs, NM to a small town in North Carolina. This was convenient for both of us…we both drove about an hour to meet up on Tuesday… Again, like Andrew says in his blog, “You know you are good friends with someone when you have’nt seen them in a year and when you do its like you have’nt seen them in a week.” It was great seeing you, buddy. See, the rest of you Hobbsans need to move to the east coast too…we can relive the freshman days.

Link: Schwartz speaks up

James Burke
Frisco, TX