Stupid Qwest and DSL

I normally don’t like to actually point out the company, but I’ve had some problems with Qwest. I think it’s completely stupid that when you move to a new location, you must first set-up the phone line, THEN call back Qwest and see if you can get DSL, THEN proceed with ordering DSL. Why can’t they either 1) Know that DSL is or is not available in the area BEFORE or 2) Do the whole process all at once. In the case of #2, I call and say I want a phone line and want DSL. They schedule out the time and have the guy come install the phone and then THEY do whatever they need to do to see if it’s available, and if it is…get it working instead of me having to go through numerous steps to get DSL installed 3 weeks after I move in. Needless to say, DSL is NOT available in my new home….I discover this 3 weeks after moving in. 🙁 So, I called Cox Communications. They were the most friendly people. The guy told me that Cable Internet IS available, and that they can also supply me with Digital Phone services and it would *** ALL *** be done on Monday, June 20. What a deal. That’s what I call service.

James Burke
Frisco, TX