Stuck in Houston

So, today we were scheduled to fly back to Raleigh.  Our flight from Lubbock to Houston was delayed due to “mechanical” problems.  The story isn’t so funny.  First, we were rushed because there was only 1 person working at ticketing for Continental at Lubbock.  By the time we got to the front, informed them we had a pet and got the docs checked, we (thought we) had 25 minutes before the plane departed.  After we got through security, there was only 15 minutes left until the scheduled departure.  Well, when we get to gate 3, we discover there is no plane there…apparently it was delayed for 30 minutes.  Well, that 30 minutes becomes about 45 minutes…then, we’re all on the plane and we find out there are “mechanical” problems.  They said that the power that connects to the plane when it’s at the gate failed and they had to reset the computer systems.  To make a long story short, we arrived in Houston 5 minutes after the flight to Raleigh departed…of course it was on time.  So, Continental is paying for our hotel and dinner tonight.  But, that still doesn’t make the fact that we have a traveling pet, and both have to be at work tomorrow any easier.  I don’t think I’ll be flying Continental any time soon.  I know that this kind of thing happens…but it’s just the combination of slow service, grumpy service, delays and “mechanical” problems that forms my decision.  Even more reason for me to choose American Airlines…

James Burke
Frisco, TX