Steve Ballmer's Channel 9 Interview

As I tend to do on most days, I was browsing through the various news and blog sites and came across Steve Ballmer’s recent Channel 9 interview. I think he’s a great CEO; he has a lot of energy and is very passionate about his job and Microsoft in general. One thing really bothered me about this interview though. Here is one of his quotes from the interview:

“But, I look out at the world and I say ‘who is doing the innovative stuff over the last few years?’ Did IBM out innovate us? I don’t think so. I don’t think they’ve done much interesting at all.”

How could Steve say such a thing? Don’t think we’ve done much interesting at all? That’s a harsh thing to say for the #1 patent producer. I see a lot of innovation every day at IBM, but it’s not home entertainment or home productivity. We are a business-oriented company, focusing on what seems to me like B2B type stuff, instead of B2C like Microsoft. What do you think?

James Burke
Frisco, TX