On this page, I will post screenshots and links to the various software that I have written. Most of them have reached their EOL (End Of Life), but this basically serves the purpose of being my portfolio.

Call View 0.03b
December 31, 1995
Download: (12,697 bytes)

#### CALL VIEW 0.03B #### A great SYSOP
UTILITY for RemoteAccess v2.xx. It lists the
users who have called your RemoteAccess Board
along with the node #, location, time of the
logon/logoff, baud rate, and the times they
have called. FREEWARE by Michael Burke with
help from Mike Nichols. New Color Scheme!
Pauses the screen after every x callers.

CallView 0.12
July 25, 1996
Download: (50,728 bytes)

CALL VIEW v0.12 (RA2.xx) – A Caller Lister
for RemoteAccess 2.xx. Supports up to 256
nodes. Lists node, user, location, baud, time
of logon/logoff, total number of calls. No
command line parameters! Comes with FD View
for FrontDoor calls also! Supports
RemoteAccess 2.50. Released on 07/25/1996.
From J. Michael Burke of JB Computer
Technologies. Registration for FD View AND
Call View is $2.00!!

Legend of Tenochtitlan
July, 1996


No images available.

T-Menu 1.50
November 12, 1996
Download: (290,592 bytes)

T-MENU V1.50 * Professional Menuing System *
T-MENU is a menuing system allowing you to
add up to 16 menu commands and an unlimited
amount of users. It even allows you to give
your users a security level. Useful and easy
to use. Gives detailed LOG files…. Great
Program!!! Shareware by James Michael Burke
and Daryl Jensen. Download today! Reg $10.00

WinReport 2000
November 7, 1999

No description available.

May 19, 2002

No description available.

December 18, 2003

No description available.

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Bookstore Information System
December 9, 2004
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A bookstore information system developed for CS 482 in PHP/Oracle. In the process of converting it to MySQL so that it can be viewed on this site. Currently about 15% complete.