Riya won a DEMOgod

This is a little old, but with my lack of updates last week it’s better late than never.  A while back, I mentioned that I was part of the alpha testing of Riya.  Riya is a face detection and recognition service – you upload your photos to their website and once you train it, it’s able to (pretty accurately) recognize those people in other photos that your friends and family have uploaded.  It is still in very active development, but it works beautifully.  Good news is that they’re coming up on their public Beta. Visit riya.com to get more details.

Riya appeared at DEMO ‘06, and they ended up winning a Demo God award.  The presentation, given by the Ojos, Inc. CEO Munjal Shah can be found here.

View Riya DEMO presentation

You can also find great things about Riya by visiting the blogs of Tara Hunt and Munjal Shah.
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James Burke
Frisco, TX