I’ve been meaning to rant about this for quite some time… Raleigh traffic is about 1500% worse than Tucson (my own statistical estimation, not to be used by anyone else). Seriously…I wondered why we have 5 lanes going both ways on I-40 between Durham and Raleigh. Now I know. It’s funny too, because the window is pretty short, but it happens to be when I want to go to work. If you go between 7:30 and 7:50, you’re good. But, anything between like 7:50 and 8:45 is terrible. The I-540 beltline is new, and is still in construction, not even 25% complete, but I live near I-540 and NC Highway 70. Taking 70 to I-540, then I-540 to I-40 is ridiculous! I thought that would be the way to go, but NO. It really upsets me, because the traffic should flow with no problems, but you always have dumb drivers who don’t know what they’re doing and end up holding up all the rest of the cars. Say 120 cars are traveling in one lane, if everyone has 1 second delay in moving, it causes the last car to have to wait 2 minutes! So, to make a long story short, I take a “backroads.” I end up going further but it ends up saving me quite a bit of time.

Check out the live Raleigh/Durham traffic cams

Just click on the magnifying glass and it’ll zoom in to show you more cameras. I-540 isn’t shown, but it’s the major road above the I-440 beltline that merges into I-40.