Online Fraud

In relation to my previous post, I’d like to talk a little about online fraud. So, I listed my Gateway Convertible on eBay only to find out that the one who used “Buy It Now” was a scammer. He tried rushing me through the process and I just didn’t feel comfortable selling to this guy. First of all, his feedback rating was 0 – but I do understand that there are new people to eBay who can be trustworthy. Well, he ended up sending me a (an obvious) fake PayPal notification of payment. There were some English grammar mistakes that just seemed odd, and the note said that the funds were being held until I provided him with a tracking number. I confirmed with PayPal that it was fraudulent and he immediately deleted his eBay account and left. This transaction was for $1500, so it’s not like I was just going to ship it off to Nigeria and hope I get the money.

Shortly thereafter, in the random junk mail I get, I noticed a spam message from what appeared to be my bank. My girlfriend was amazed that I knew it was spam. So, this brings me to my point. NEVER click on a link in an email and fill in your personal information…no matter how legitimate it may seem. I highly recommend opening up a separate browser window and visiting the site directly. It’s easy to steal graphics and make a simple page that may appear to be your financial institution in an effort to get all of your personal information.

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James Burke
Frisco, TX