Yes I’m a nerd. Yesterday was the grand opening of the new Apple Store – Crabtree Valley Mall. This is the second Apple Store in the triangle, and it’s right down the street from me. Previously, I was visiting the Apple Store at the Streets of Southpoint in Durham. So, why am I a nerd? Well, A) because I’m posting about this on my blog and B) because I stood in line for 55 minutes at the grand opening yesterday at 10:00am to get a free Apple T-Shirt. They were giving the T-Shirt away to the first 1000 people to visit the store…I figured surely I’d be one of the only ones in line since it’s 10AM on a Saturday. Boy was I wrong (but I did get the T-Shirt -Ed)! I didn’t get any pictures, but a quick search on Flickr yielded a lot of pictures from ashton27332:

View: ashton27332 – Apple Store Crabtree Valley Mall Grand Opening
View: Apple Store – Crabtree Valley Mall

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