NAS Product of the Year

As my first post in the new direction of the blog, I’d like to share something that came out just the other day from InfoWorld. On January 2, 2006, InfoWorld made a list called the “2006 Technology of the Year Awards.” On this list, NetApp won for “Best NAS” with the NetApp FAS3020c. Their comments say that the FAS3020c has “Solid performace, flawless fail-over, exceptional scalability, and (is) a jack of all trades.” I must say that in my experience with the FAS3020c, I agree. I’ve been working with it for about a month now, and I absolutely love this box. It is truly amazing, and has been rock solid…although I’ve been using it to test SAN over FCP, I have no doubt NAS is the same way.

Source: Network Appliance™ FAS3000 Series Named Best NAS Product of the Year by InfoWorld
View: InfoWorld: 2006 Technology of the Year Awards: The winners’ list

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James Burke
Frisco, TX