My thoughts on HD-DVD vs Blu-ray

Yesterday, I went into the local Best Buy and saw the new HD-DVD and Blu-ray players on display. On the HD-DVD side, I saw the Toshiba HD-A1. On the Blu-ray side, I saw the Samsung P1000. These both produce phenomenal results! I’ve been dying to move up to hi-def DVD – just being able to play movies at true 1080i (I don’t have a 1080p TV) and upscale my current DVD’s (in standard def) would be awesome. Part of me wants to wait for the Xbox 360 HD-DVD player…but it’s so difficult when you walk into Best Buy and see these two units! Anyway…today, I get to work and notice Major Nelson had a podcast Show #183 The one about HD-DVD. I learned a LOT about the two. I highly recommend this podcast. I also didn’t realize how strongly people feel for one or the other…check out the comments to Robert Scoble’s post about “Grassroots picking HD-DVD over BlueRay?

Here’s my thoughts: Both are awesome! I tend to lean toward HD-DVD just because I hate Sony’s attempt to rule the world with Blu-ray…but realistically they’re both great! Right now, I think HD-DVD is a better solution. My understanding is that HD-DVD is currently releasing 30GB media, whereas Blu-ray is releasing 25GB (capable of much more). For movies, HD-DVD is also using VC-1, whereas Blu-ray is (currently) using old MPEG-2. What’s this mean? Not only is HD-DVD using a much more efficient codec, but it also currently has more storage available…therefore the movies produced are capable of better quality pictures. But – this will change – both Blu-ray and HD-DVD support VC-1. Both are great – and it’ll only be a matter of time before we have players that play CD/DVD/BD/HD-DVD for less than $1000.

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James Burke
Frisco, TX