Well, almost seven years after my last post, I’ve decided to move my personal home yet again. Things are going to be ugly for a while as I refresh most of the content and pages. Tumblr was a great, cheap option for hosting my static blog. Even with my custom domain, it was free and served its purpose well. After all, it’s clear that blogging isn’t for me. I just have not made it a priority.

In the past, I chose virtual hosting providers like Bluehost. But, this time I decided to give AWS Lightsail a try. I was actually surprised at how easy it was to deploy a LAMP stack and deploy the blog platform. In the past, I was concerned with the cost of running a site on AWS, but they have a basic tier that should cover everything I need for this site. You may be asking yourself why I would care about hosting this in the first place if I never post. I hope that this gets me back to a spot where I can tinker with web application development. I can’t make any promises in the short term, but as I get time, it’s something I really want to do more of.