MC Plus+

For those of you out there with degrees in Computer Science, you will definitely find this humorous. I think even those of you who don’t know anything about CS will even find this funny. A “computer science gangsta rapper” named MC Plus+ has all of his songs* from the album Algorhythms available for download on his website,

MC Plus+ is the founder and indisputably the #1 greatest computer science gangsta rapper ever. He is to CS gangsta rap what a blue screen is to Windows, what Vaseline, maple syrup and sour cream are to a good time. He’s putting CS on the map, producing raps for students from computer science departments around the world. With another 4 years still at Purdue, trying to get that PhD, he has promised to keep producing CS hip-hop for all the grad students in the struggle.

* Warning: Songs contain explicit lyrics

James Burke
Frisco, TX