Made the switch (back)

Last Wednesday, I decided to make the switch (back) to using a PC rather than a Mac. Although I really loved my PowerBook, it just didn’t make sense for my line of work. NetApp supplies Engineers with desktops, and I was using my PowerBook when I worked at home. However, I discovered it was difficult to analyze Fibre Channel traces since the Finisar software was for Windows. I went to Best Buy a couple of times and became interested in the Gateway Convertible Tablet PC. After a few days of thinking about it, I decided to go pick one up. So, there you have it…I’m back to using a Windows PC. I’m still not used to having a 14" screen and a laptop that weighs over 6 pounds, but it’s nice to be able to install all the software I’ve been missing. I will still envy anyone who gets the new MacBook Pro

My G4 PowerBook is currently for sale on eBay (ends on Feb 18).

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James Burke
Frisco, TX