Lotus Notes vs. Microsoft Outlook

When I got back to work from the Thanksgiving holiday, I clicked through the various RSS feeds I subscribe to via SharpReader.  I found one to be very interesting; Ed Brill posted “mail client hatred stats."  For those of you who don’t know, Ed Brill is an IBMer working with Worldwide Lotus Messaging Sales.  Anyway, in this post, Ed googled for the strings "I hate Notes” and “I hate Outlook” and compared the number of hits between the two.  The outcome was that “I hate Outlook” returned almost 7 times more results than “I hate Notes."  Well, this is obviously not a fair comparison.  The obvious reason being Notes and Outlook can mean more than just the software package.  The second being that more people use Outlook than Notes (my own estimate).  I wasn’t able to find a credible source with the estimated number of installations. 

No offense to Ed or any other of my IBM friends, but I hate Notes!  🙂  Lotus Notes, that is.  Maybe it’s because Outlook is what I’m used to, but when I worked at IBM, I hated every minute of working with Notes.  The interface is just very odd to me.  If you don’t use the local replica, then if for some reason the server isn’t responding, your client will completely lock up.  And, when it locks up, you can’t just kill Notes.exe, you have to find some application to kill all of the child processes…  My fix was to just create the local replica…but then I wonder….Why isn’t that the default?  Why should I have to go figure out how to do all of these things?  For me, Outlook is very intuitive…sure there are some things that are difficult to find…but try using Notes for the first time.  It’s a huge shock.  Really, arguing this is pointless…Notes fans will continue to use Notes, and Outlook fans will continue to use Outlook.  It’s really a preference thing…and I obviously prefer Microsoft Outlook.

James Burke
Frisco, TX