So, as most of you know…even though I work on the Windows platform – I’m an Apple fan.  As such, I subscribe to one of our mac mailing list to listen in on what other Appleheads at NetApp are doing.  The other day, Albert Y., a fellow engineer in RTP ported an iSCSI load generator to the iPhone.  He says he “ported it to run on Mac OS X a while back, so it was a matter of cross compiling it to get a native iPhone binary."  He goes on to say it "implements enough of the iSCSI protocol so that it runs completely in user space."   He ran some performance tests on it (over the WiFi network, I assume), and it generated 100 ops/sec to a NetApp FAS940 while playing music.  🙂

Very cool!  Albert – you definitely get some nerd points for that.

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