Importance of Storage

This evening, I was making my nightly rounds of the various blogs that I read and I came across something very interesting. Dave Hitz, the Founder and Executive Vice President of NetApp has a blog. In his most recent post, “People Die,” Dave learned about some real world business situations dealing with storage:

I learned that if an airline can’t access manifests and passenger lists, then their planes aren’t allowed to take off. After 4 hours, if they still can’t access their data, then every plane in their fleet is required to land at the nearest airport!

I learned that if a drug company can’t produce the right drug testing data, even 10 or 20 years after the drug is approved, then the FDA can shut down production of that drug in every factory that the company has.

View: Network Appliance, Inc. – DaveBlog

James Burke
Frisco, TX