iMac G5 vs iMac Intel Core Duo

This morning, I had an e-mail in my inbox that was sent to an internal Mac distribution list that I subscribe to.  In this e-mail, the person included the following link:  YouTube – iMac G5 vs iMac Intel Boot.  It compares side-to-side the iMac G5 and the iMac Intel Core Duo’s boot time.  The one on the left is the iMac with the Intel Core Duo processor, whereas the one on the right is the previous G5 model.  I think the test is invalid.  The iMac G5 ends up booting almost 1 MINUTE after the Intel Core Duo.  Something is different between the two, other than the processor.  If you read some of the comments, there are various people saying that the G5 had a COLD boot whereas the Intel had a warm boot.  Others say that the G5 had some disk problems and had to run fsck whereas the Intel didn’t.  Either way, it doesn’t appear to be a good comparison…they say that the Intel Core Duo is up to 4X faster, but one minute faster on boot seems too good to be true.

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James Burke
Frisco, TX