High-Speed Internet!

I finally got my High-Speed Internet installed! It’s about time! So, since I didn’t give you the play-by-play, I’m going to do that now. Tuesday, they came and blew out the hose that has the wires in it. So, they scheduled the installer to come on Thursday. Well, Thursday, the Cox guy came by and installed the digital phone service and said that he installed the HSI too. Well, I waited about an hour and a half, and my modem still didn’t sync up. So, I called Cox, and they said that they would have a technician come by on Friday. So, Friday, the guy came about 30 minutes late and it took him all of ten minutes to switch the wire at the box and get it working again. Apparently the previous installer hooked up my internet to the wrong room…with the way things have been going, all I can say is “typical.”

James Burke
Frisco, TX