Flickr or Linpha?

I’ve been debating something over the last month or so…  Should I make the switch to Flickr?  I currently use the open source PHP package called Linpha.  I haven’t customized it as well as I originally intended to, but it has done its job.  Flickr is the new hype, and I think it’s pretty cool…I just hate having it on some other server.  It’s kinda nice having my PHP/MySQL database and all files are located on my server.  Flickr provides some cool stuff too and integrates pretty well with WordPress.  I’m interested in hearing from my visitors.  Do you like the current Linpha solution, or would you like to see me switch to Flickr.

For those of you not familiar with Flickr, it’s a Yahoo online photo solution.  It allows you to tag photos in all sorts of ways, and the pro account has lots of storage and search capabilities.  You can sign up for a free Flickr account over at; let me know what you think.

James Burke
Frisco, TX