FCP Windows Attach Kit 3.0 on NOW

On April 13, I officially closed up my first development cycle at NetApp with the release of our FCP Windows Attach Kit 3.0. April 13 is the date it was posted to NOW (NetApp On the Web) – meaning it is now available. What is the Attach Kit?

The FCP Windows® Attach Kit 3.0 contains the software components you need to configure a Microsoft® Windows 2000 and 2003 machine into the host component of a NetApp SAN environment. The individual system components of the NetApp SAN environment are a Windows host and an attached NetApp storage system running Data ONTAP software. The storage system and host are connected with either direct or fabric connection methods.

This release includes support for AMD64/x64 (64-bit architectures), support for the QLogic 2460 and 2462 4GBps initiators, support for the Emulex LP11000 and LP11002 4GBps initiators (both PCI-X and PCI-e) and more.

Download: NetApp On the Web

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James Burke
Frisco, TX