ConvergeSouth 2006

I am making the move to attend my first blogger conference.  On October 14, 2006, I’ll drive over to Greensboro, NC to attend ConvergeSouth 2006.  I registered for the conference because I found out that Robert Scoble will be giving a talk.  Robert and his wife, Maryam have just prepared their talk titled 10 Ways to a Killer Blog.  I think it’ll be interesting!  It seems most of the blogger-type conferences happen in the Silicon Valley area – so, it’s a surprise to see one near Raleigh.

Update:  I was unable to attend this year’s conference – we’re reaching the end of a product cycle at work, and I was tied up.  After reading this and this, it seems like everyone had a great time though…

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James Burke
Frisco, TX