Can it get any worse?

So, as I’ve mentioned before, I had a list of things for the builder to fix on the house. Most of them were minor (initially). I’ll try to post a copy of the list soon, but today’s story includes one simple one that turned out to be quite bad.

  • Remove the screws from the wall/Corian countertops. Caulk and fix scratches as necessary.
  • So, apparently when my stove AND dishwasher were stolen, they had to replace the Corian countertops as well. To hold the back part of the countertops on, they used some screws temporarily drilled at an angle into the wall. Well, I have been trying to get them to pull out the screws, and I didn’t touch them because I didn’t put them there. So, the guy is removing them and he gets to the third one….

    When he pulls the third one out, water starts squirting out of the hole (about a 1 foot stream of water). He quickly put the screw back in, and the water stopped squirting out. So, they then scheduled a plumber to come out and repair the water pipe that they apparently hit when they put the screw in. Now I have about a 10"x10" hole in my drywall above where that screw was. I wonder how long it’ll be before they have THAT fixed.

    To add onto my problems, Cox Communications came out today to install my cable internet. I was really looking forward to playing Halo and catch up on the various internet things I’ve missed over the last three weeks. Well, after about an hour and a half, the installer said that he couldn’t proceed with the install, because the tube that contains the wiring was clogged with dirt (my best explanation). They scheduled a guy to come out tomorrow to blow that out and then can’t install the digital phone/cable internet until Thursday. Life without high speed internet is tough…

    James Burke
    Frisco, TX