Builder rant

The rock on the house is still not fixed yet. At one point, the builder told me it would be done by this Wednesday. Well, Wednesday has come, and Wednesday has gone. They also told me a while back that they weren’t going to put the shutters on the house until the rock was changed, because they didn’t want to accidentally damage the shutters. Well, the other day a guy showed up and put the shutters on. I guess it’s time to run over there for another little chat.

There are a few other minor things that need to be fixed in the house. By “a few,” I mean around ten. One of them being my dead tree in the front yard. They also put screws into the walls above my Corian countertops to hold it in temporarily…well, they’re still there. The bad thing about that is, it looks like the screw head scratched the countertop, so I’m not removing them, they are. I’ll keep you guys posted. I miss playing Halo!!

James Burke
Frisco, TX