BayLISA March General Meeting

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The BayLISA March General Meeting will be held March 16, 2006 at the NetApp HQ in Sunnyvale.  This one is very interesting as two of the people from here in NetApp RTP will be describing their Kilo-Client 1000 Host Swarm.  Basically, they have created “what is probably the world’s largest iSCSI-based diskless server farm (1,000 nodes)."  Event Details:

IP Storage Today and Tomorrow
Speaker: David Dale, Network Appliance iSCSI Evangelist and Chair of the SNIA IP Storage Forum

This session will highlight the progress made with iSCSI over the past 3 years and how next-generation features such as multi-connection sessions and ErrorRecoverLevel>0 are pushing iSCSI into more demanding application environments. Dave will also talk about where you can expect to see iSCSI next. (hint: think departmental Linux and UNIX environments)

The Kilo-Client 1000 Host Swarm
Speakers: Gregg Ferguson, Laboratory Administrator, and David Brown, Engineering Support Manager, of the NetApp Engineering

Gregg and David from the NetApp RTP (Research Triangle Park) Engineering Laboratory will explain how they designed and built what is probably the world’s largest iSCSI-based diskless server farm (1,000 nodes). Alll server nodes boot from NetApp storage using iSCSI and can be rapidly rebooted to run various versions of Linux, Windows, or other operating systems. Because a single LUN is shared among many servers in this design, server provisioning is almost unlimited.

This session will describe the server farm in detail and discuss how particular technologies were chosen.

Friea also says that a video will be available after the event and details will be in the next Tech OnTap.

View: BayLISA March General Meeting

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