James Burke

James Burke

Happy Belated New Year

Well, I apparently completely suck at this internet blog thing.  Shortly after working with the PR people at NetApp to get my own blog, I wrote a few short articles on installation of

A second blog

I now have a second blog going on blogs.netapp.com.  It will be where all work-related postings go.  So, if you’re here looking for my random work related thoughts, please

jbctech.com outage

If you usually visit jbctech.com, you may have noticed that the site was redirected to an advertisement page for the last two days.  That’s because I forgot to renew my

Web Hosting and NetApp

I was browsing around the web the other day, and stumbled upon a blog entry from Jesse Ruderman.  In this blog entry, he describes one of the reasons he likes the hosting provider