It’s funny – the other day at work, I was talking to another Apple fan and we were discussing how dumb it is that the AirPort Extreme supported 802.11a, b, g, and even n but lacked gigabit ethernet.  I was really wanting to get one, because I’ve been looking for a decent wireless router that would support both 802.11a as well as 802.11g (and the 802.11n is a big bonus!)  But I didn’t want to get one that only had 10/100Mbps on the wired ethernet – it just seems kinda sub-standard nowadays, even if I don’t need the full gigabit speed (Especially since at work, we’ve been talking a lot about 10Gbps ethernet…)  My reasoning is that I stream content from my Media Center PC to the Xbox 360 over the wireless and have heard that 802.11a is better for that since it has less interference. 

I’ve been somewhat satisfied with my current Netgear RangeMax WPN824, but had software issues with the newer v2.0.15 firmware – once I reverted to the older 2.0.11 firmware, it hasn’t been so bad.  I’ve just had bad luck with wireless routers – I’ve owned a few Linksys and this Netgear – all have had issues locking up…to the point where all devices connected (wired or wireless) no longer have internet connectivity.  Once you pull the power on the router and restart it, everything comes back again. 

With today’s iMac announcement, it appears that they silently upgraded the AirPort Extreme to include gigabit ethernet.  I have mine on order…

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